Mesotherapy Facial



Wrinkled skin and inbuilt show due to the accumulation of fat in it and loss of skin elasticity and increase the toxins in it.

Injecting rich in vitamins and antioxidants mesotherapy combination you can improve or avoid the formation of wrinkles and skin folds and the change in color, providing vitamins and food needed for the skin to improve its color and elasticity.

While antioxidants rid your face of toxins that cause wrinkles using the Remove fat composition mesotherapy can remove excess fat and tighten the skin and define the limits of the cheeks and face to remove excess fat.

Mesotherapy use to re-face youth and neck makes your face more youthful freshness.

The duration of treatment and the result
– All treatments Mesotherapy need to average 5 to 15 sessions.
– The number of sessions varies according to the type and status of the person receiving the therapy.
– Injection mesotherapy does not take a long time and do not cause any pain approx.
Anesthesia Used: You do not need injections Mesotherapy any anesthetic as it is injected into a very fine needle. May only anesthetic cream is used on the area to be injected.

After the hearing:
– Women may feel a little burning for 24 hours.
– Some redness and swelling in the injected area may appear and disappear after 48 hours of the completion of the hearing.
– You can continue your daily showers and exercise.
– And usually it does not appear as a result of mesotherapy until after the second or third session.