Mesotherapy Hair


– Treatment Mesotherapy is a nitrogen injection needles directly in the head, the injection in areas where hair fall out using small needles size 2 to 4 mm and the appropriate amount of nitrogen injected caution and precision in the head in places where hair loss and in equal proportions.

– The method of mesotherapy is not only used to treat hair loss but are used to situations Kalpotks injections and other cosmetic procedures.

– For each type of treatment period to be determined by a specialist doctor and the patient need varies from one person to another.

– Mesotherapy treatment for hair consists of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and some nutrients for hair proteins.

– Therapy can be injected manually or through a special device to which the needles are placed, and injects the head accurately.

– This treatment is not surgery does not cause pain and is effective in most of the time and the results vary depending on the patient’s condition

Mesotherapy for effective treatment for hair
– Mesotherapy treatment for hair of complementary therapies and in the treatment of minoxidil and other drugs to prevent hair loss cases.
– The effect of Mesotherapy depends on the patient’s age and state of health and the degree of hair loss and its causes has
– After a period of time and in many cases the person must re-apply the sessions again and the period prescribed by your doctor