Services provided by the clinic


  • Laser hair removal and for the treatment of superficial varicose veins and birthmarks and acne Along.

  •  with Lafrakhenal laser device to remove hard skin imperfections and wrinkles and scars and acne spots, and remove freckles and heavy costs, treatment of stretch marks and white lines after pregnancy and after WEIGHT LOSS excessive stretch marks and remove skin appendages.

  • Laser slimming the body without surgery and his sculpture and melt fat and remove the thick layer of fat located under the skin.

  • Botox to remove wrinkles and restore skin and freshness of his youth and the disposal of increased sweating.

  • Alvelers injectable filler materials to get rid of wrinkles and restore rotated cavernous body.

  • Chemical peels the skin for the treatment of surface flaws and treatment of fine wrinkles and acne treatment

  • Mesotherapy to treat hair loss, skin tightening, lightening and the freshness of the skin and get rid of lines and expansion joints, abdominal and treat cellulite.

  • Plasma and stem cells latest technology to treat hair loss and facial freshness