Acne Scars


What is the best treatment for acne scars?

There is no one treatment for all patients, but there are several treatments that can improve the appearance of the scar and reduces the size of which: –

– Collagen injections under the scar improves their appearance, but these results temporary and will need to repeat injections periodically.

– Emery skin Dermabrasion here the brush to spin rapidly in order to remove the top layer of the skin, superficial scars will disappear The deep scars will become less visible. Sanding is the appropriate treatment for deep scars, but can lead to a change in skin pigment, especially in people with dark skin.

– Microdemabrasion fine sandpaper considers new treatment for acne scars where the hand-held device by multiplying the skin surface of the crystal granules and then the other device with siphoning off grained surface skin cells, efficiency is not great and the scars will need a large number of sessions.

– Laser-based lasers to destroy the surface skin layer of the skin and heat the dermis layer below then the affected skin configure a new layer of skin cells, some types of lasers less powerful are only heats the dermis layer and help to be new skin cells and the formation of the skin, after several treatments least clarity the appearance of scars