With age and lack of collagen in the body, and the problems and psychological distress and life and some natural factors, in addition to the erroneous daily practices, such as smoking and drinking alcohol and other substances, appear on the body as a whole and on the skin and face, in particular, appears wrinkles and signs on the face Gurmergob them.

And Alfelr injection or packing a cosmetic non-surgical procedure, where a particular substance is injected in order to re-fill and fill in certain places to re-size them, and remove wrinkles and lines of aging signs in order to restore the youth and vitality of the face.

And can anyone who does this procedure to see the results and see the difference immediately after the completion of the injection Alfelr process.

There are two types of injection Alfelr: the first type is a temporary type or my time lasts from six months to a year (and is recommended where is safer), and type II semi-permanent and lasts from one year to up to two years.

It takes an injection Feller between the quarter-hour and half-hour procedure is fast and easy.
And the doctor Amkhaddr brachytherapy is used to reduce the sensation of pain in the injection area.

And the doctor uses industrial materials or natural safe injection Alfelr.

And places that can be used for injection Alfelr in packaged and processed are: the cheeks area, nose, and lips, sadness and lines and aging signs, in addition to the areas of operations and the effects of scars.

And must for anyone who wants to do this procedure can not be infected with any kind of Aladthabat whether viral or bacterial infections of the skin and in particular the injection, if the well should be addressed first before carrying out injection Alfelr.

As it is necessary to leave the use of thinners and blood thinners such as aspirin, for example, prior to the period of the operation, and you should tell your doctor which medicines Tstamlunha and Patarrakhkm sick and if you are suffering from allergies to something.